Steve Mondor

Playing music and being a DJ has been in my blood since my early teenage years. My senior year in high school, I was lucky enough to get a job at a local radio station. One of the greatest experiences I could have asked for. Continued to work in radio throughout college and so on. It’s been many years since I started and love the fact that I’m here on The Wolf. What a great bunch of people to work with, plus we are playing country music to the best listeners. Love it!

Occasionally Jeremy Daniels and I will DJ a wedding now and again. We used to DJ dozens and dozens of years ago but now that I’m married and have a son at home, most weekends are spent with family. Gotta love that too!

Thanks for stopping by my page and I look forward to catching up with you at a station event or right here some weekend when I’m playing the greatest country hits on The Wolf.