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Don't miss the Wolf Wake Up Crew as we get your day started with the best country music. We'll keep you up to date with what's going on here in Maine, and your town. The best moments always come from you, the listener. You make the show, so whatever it is, reach out and tell us about it! Call or text 866-900-WOLF. We'd love to hear from you!

Andy Austin

Thanks for checking out the page! While I’ve spent a decent chunk of my life inside this great state, I’ve also moved around enough to understand WHY Maine is the best place to live. Most people will point out the mountains, people, food, seasons, and they’re all correct. Maine can present challenges, but if you find something you love to do in each season, you’ll never be bored. I’m an avid road cyclist, music nerd, vinyl collector, local short track racing enthusiast, and serve as President of Maine Vintage Race Car Association. I also host a racing history podcast called The Open Trailer Podcast.

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Michelle Taylor

I’m a married mom to an energetic 8-year-old boy, so I’m always exhausted! He is either keeping me young or aging me faster… the answer changes daily! I’ve been co-hosting mornings on 99.9 The Wolf for 20 years, and even though I hate my alarm clock going off at 3 am every morning, I do LOVE being a part of your morning! I love margaritas, sangria, lobster, Mexican food, cooking, live musical theatre and singing, the Boston Red Sox, girls’ night out, amusement parks, road trips, the beach, and of course, spending time with my husband Dana and our little guy Max!

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Sunday 05:30am - 10:00am Morning Show
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Amy Ryan

Hi all! I've been in radio for 25 years and who would have thought this shy girl from Ohio who called up a radio station one night for a request would end up turning into a career?! I have lived in Maine since 2004 and genuinely love it. I reside in Saco with my boyfriend, and three cats named Oliver, Charlie, and our newest member Myles (the orange cat!) If you're my facebook friend, then you have probably seen many pics of my three boys! I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, random road trips, and heading to a casino when I can, thanks for listening!

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Corey Garrison

It seems music has been a part of me my whole life. It started early with school theatre, and a rock band too, yes, I can hold a tune! A Maine native, I grew up on Mount Desert Island where I found my love for Maine and the great outdoors.

I attended the New England School of Broadcasting and fell in love with radio when I co-hosted the campus morning show, C&C Music Factory (it's not what you think for all you 90's babies). Just so happened my partners' name was Corey too.

I started on the airways hosting Alternative to Classic Rock, and even a big hits station along the way too! I finally landed home with my music passion and love for Country Radio. I am most proud that I have been able to do it all right here with you (we have the best listeners) and you keep it fun!

When I am not dancing in the studio (ask my co-workers, I really do) you can find me "uptah" to camp floating on my pontoon boat with my favorite gal (25 years strong) and with our bestie Cullen, our mini schnauzer. When the boat goes into storage (Maine winters are long) you can find me in Nashville hanging with my daughter who works in the industry too, we all have a love for country music.

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Jeremy Daniels

I’ve been in radio right here in the Portland area since the day I graduated high school well over two decades ago. I started working at The Wolf in 2009, and I’m proud to be part of the team. I have a beautiful wife (I used to say she was the lucky one, but I am) and two dogs, Adele and Cooper. When I’m not on the air, you might find me DJ’in an occasional wedding, trying out my new hobby photography, checking out a country concert, hanging with friends and just having a good time. Hope we can hang out weeknights from 7 to midnight. Thanks for listening.

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